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Graduation Day is Here

Wed., May 4 (Graduation Day!) Dr. John Mulford Chrystel was working in overdrive to get all the last minute details ready with certificates, programs, etc. A last minute brainstorm had me working feverishly to create an image that looked something like our web page, but fit nicely when projected on a screen—no small feat for

Don’t Weary of Doing Good.

Thurs, April 28, 2011 Dr. John Mulford Hamim dropped by the office to pay his bill. It is so rewarding to hear how the program is impacting the class. He and Jacques, a classmate, have started a football (soccer to us) academy. They had dreamed about it for years, but couldn’t figure out how to

Spiritual Convergence

originally published on the Kingdom Business Blog – October 17th, 2008 Update for The Africa Project: Regent Center for Entrepreneurship’s Tom Stansbury visited Opportunity International’s Board of Governors’ meeting in Chicago earlier this month. RCE has begun partnering with Os Hillman of MarketplaceLeaders.org, who sends 160,000 Marketplace Meditations each day to Christians in business worldwide.