Become an RCE Ambassador


“Living Stones Foundation invested in RCE’s start-up because of its innovative, cutting-edge approach to the under-served field of kingdom business.”

-Ken Eldred Chairman

Living Stones Foundation & Charitable Trust

“I have supported RCE since its founding. Its focused approach has produced abundant fruit with limited resources.”

-Frank Batten

Jr.Chairman & CEO, Landmark Media Enterprises LLC

Why RCE Needs Ambassadors

RCE was designed as a catalyst to enhance and multiply the efforts of people interested in kingdom business.  We seek God for revolutionary ideas, gather best practices from successful kingdom businesses, and equip and mobilize leaders to extend God’s kingdom globally through kingdom business.  We attempt to do all of this with a tiny budget and staff relative to the size of the challenge.  In order to achieve our mission, we need help from volunteers with business expertise who share our passion to transform people and nations through kingdom business.

Ambassador Profile

Ambassadors are spiritually mature business people, living a life of generosity, who desire to be salt and light in the marketplace.  They are world changers interested in leveraging their time, talent, and treasure to extend God’s kingdom through business.
Ambassadors believe:

  • God wants them to participate in His work to redeem and transform the world.
  • Kingdom business is God’s solution to poverty.
  • Kingdom principles affect how and why we do business.
Ambassador Commitment

Ambassadors sign an annual covenant to support RCE’s work financially as well as through active participation in RCE projects.  All members contribute at a base level of $1,200 per year and contribute time and finances to specific projects as they have interest and capacity.  All Ambassadors participate in some aspect of RCE’s work in addition to their financial support.

Opportunities for involvement include:

  • Participate in RCE meetings, exploring kingdom business topics and advising RCE
  • Participate in strategy groups—e.g., Kingdom Impact Investment, BDC business model
  • Write or talk on a kingdom business topic—e.g., book reviews, blogs, audio/video talks, seminars
  • Mentor, coach and consult with entrepreneurs in person and by distance
  • Recruit and welcome new Ambassadors
  • Host events in your city
Ambassador Benefits

We are asking you to give from the talents and resources God has given you, but we know that as you do, you will receive many blessings:

  • Increase your kingdom impact through RCE-facilitated kingdom business engagements.
    Think of us as your “travel agent.”  We save you time by researching service opportunities and connecting you with ones that will best utilize your business skills and experience.  Even short engagements will have lasting impact because they are part of ongoing projects.  For example, as a visiting executive, you might consult with entrepreneurs in Rwanda for one week in their 14-week training program.  Others would build on your work, consulting and mentoring during the rest of the training and after the entrepreneur launches a business.  As the entrepreneur flourishes, you will see the fruit of your efforts.
  • Improve your kingdom business knowledge and skills.
    As you participate in meetings, strategy sessions, and consulting engagements, and interact with materials RCE recommends, you will gain knowledge and sharpen your skills.  At the same time you will help others do the same—Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another(Prov 27:17).
  • Explore and refine your life purpose through exposure to materials, projects, and people.
    The more we walk with God, the more He reveals the plans He has for us.  RCE will provide you with readings, exercises, and experiences through which God will refine your understanding of your life purpose.  Some have a clear picture of their purpose at a young age; however, for most of us, life purpose discovery is an incremental process.
  • Expand your network of like-minded kingdom business people.
    You will meet and get to know talented kingdom business people as you participate as an RCE Ambassador.  RCE will provide a LinkedIn group for ongoing interaction, discussion, and networking.
Ambassador Fruit

We expect people to become RCE Ambassadors because they want to be part of the exciting work that God is doing globally through kingdom business.  It is natural for you to want to know what kind of kingdom fruit your efforts will produce. We have already seen many businesses launched, jobs created, and lives transformed by the gospel in several nations.  As our work expands, we expect to see much more fruit in the form of:

  • Kingdom business becoming more widely understood and practiced.
  • Kingdom businesses launched and expanded globally.
  • Entire sectors in nations influenced through high level meetings with government and industry leaders
  • Investment capital mobilized for kingdom business.
  • Kingdom businesses providing fulfilling jobs and life-improving products and services.
  • Individuals, families, communities, and nations transformed by the power of the gospel shared through business