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Season’s Greetings! We hope that 2017 has blessed you greatly. If you’re a part of our newsletter list, you may have noticed that you heard from us a bit less this year. As a small but mighty team, we’ve been focusing our efforts toward recruiting new licensing prospects and growing the BDC Network. 2017 brought

Season’s Greetings: 2016 in Review & 2017 Looking Ahead

Believe it or not, another 11+ months have gone by and we’re finding ourselves in the season of advent, present wrapping, stringing lights, eating traditional foods, celebrating with family and friends and remembering why we do it all in the first place. The holiday season can arouse different feelings, emotions, and hold a different significance

Prioritization and Time Management: How to Optimize Your Day to Achieve Better Work-Life Balance

Guest Post By Julie Morris Whether you’re an entry-level worker or an executive near the top of the organizational chart, you might feel as though you devote far more time to work than you do to your family, friends, hobbies, or personal interests. While there are a variety of approaches you can take to gain

Kingdom Business Success, According to Nehemiah Project Co-founder, Patrice Tsague

In anticipation of this fall’s Nehemiah Week in Orlando, FL, hosted by The Nehemiah Project, we’re re-sharing a favorite article outlining kingdom business by one of the organization’s founders, Patrice Tsague. This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night that you may observe

YWAM Emerge – Business Summit 2016 Recap: Through the Eyes of RCE

Late this spring, our Communications Manager, Kaitlyn, had the opportunity to travel out to Colorado Springs, CO to attend the YWAM EMERGE Business Summit. If you’re not familiar with YWAM (Youth With A Mission), it is nothing short of a rising tide. Founded by Loren Cunningham and his wife, Darlene, the organization has existed since 1960 and

Here on the Homefront: USA

While RCE is focused on transforming people and nations through business, we have not ignored our own backyard. We are looking forward to a growth of new initiatives and are open to investing time and energy into new opportunities here locally. We are also fortunate to be amongst a hotbed of bright thinkers, world-class professors and

Enterprise: The Poverty Solution

A short term solution for poverty is charity, but the long term solution is enterprise. The ultimate goal of the Regent Center for Entrepreneurship (RCE) is to improve the economic and spiritual condition of disadvantaged populations through entrepreneurship grounded in a Christian worldview. For example, RCE is undertaking the Olpuaa Ecotourism Lodge as a way