Be a Visiting Executive

Visiting executives have a huge impact on our entrepreneurs, through their expertise (depth) and their general business experience (breadth). Visiting Executives get to have the experience of a lifetime by traveling to an existing or high-potential BDC location and interacting directly with our licensees, students, graduates, SME entrepreneurs, investors, and government officials.

The payoff for VEs is that helping in this way is extremely gratifying and often downright fun. Furthermore, this coaching/mentoring environment provides ample opportunities for VEs to have meaningful conversations, share testimonies of God’s goodness and pray with the entrepreneurs. One visiting executive could come for a week or two and have a tremendous impact on advancing a nation simply by spending time with entrepreneurs and sharing their real world business experience.

Our visiting executives are busy with mentoring meetings morning and afternoon, leading trainings, BDC Open House nights, and exploring the area’s cafés, restaurants, various activities, and interacting with the local community.

We’ve been able to attract high quality visiting executives through God’s blessing, and by building relationships with those who have a like-minded heart and vision for advancing the Kingdom through business.

If this opportunity sounds handmade for you, please fill out our preliminary application &/or contact us with any specific questions today!