Research and Articles

The Regent Center for Entrepreneurship is positioned as a hub for resources and research surrounding the Kingdom Business Movement, which we’ve defined as any intentional effort to advance the concept that business can and should extend the Kingdom of God. Toward that effort, we have created and collected a number of items for you to explore:

  • Mapping the Kingdom Business Movement. RCE launched one of the largest and most comprehensive studies on the current status of the Kingdom Business Movement throughout 2013-2014, beginning with a historical and contextual paper defining and mapping the movement, followed by one of the largest and most comprehensive surveys on Kingdom Business, designed to assess what is happening around the world in the Movement.
    Download the Working Paper Here.
    Download the Survey Results Here. RegentCE_infographic1-1024x768
  • The Church: A Prophetic Force for Transformation. By Jason Benedict, Originally published in VOICE for All Nations, a publication of Church for All Nations, May/June 2009. God is in the transformation business and we should be too. Benedict explores the church’s role in training, engaging, and encouraging its members to transform society through what they do Monday through Friday, not just on Sunday mornings. Download the Full Article Here.
  • Transformation in Cincinnati. By Jason Benedict, in cooperation with At Work on Purpose (AWOP). Cincinnati is a hub for marketplace ministry and Kingdom Business. Join Jason Benedict as he “takes a look under the hood” to see what makes AWOP work. This research quantitatively and qualitatively addresses what is really happening in Cincinnati and identifies elements of their momentum that could be transferable to other city transformation efforts. Download the Full Article Here.
  • A Qualitive Investigation of Self-Directed Learning In Senegal, West Africa and its Implications for Human Resource Development. By Andrew T. Babyak, Research Fellow with RCE. The purpose of this study was to investigate the current status of self-directed learning by SME leaders in Senegal, West Africa, and then to identify some of the human resource development (HRD) implications. Download the Full Article Here. Download the Full Article Here.
  • Business as Ministry Assessment. By Namie Bimba, Research Fellow with RCE. Until recent years, the effectiveness of Kingdom Business has been difficult to assess. Those who used “business as mission” as their business model had no way to gauge if their morals and beliefs coupled with sound business practices were effective. Download the Full Article Here.
  • Transforming Milwaukee – One Neighborhood at a Time. By Steven Boney, Research Fellow with RCE. Milwaukee is the largest city in the state of Wisconsin.  Like many cities, neighborhoods in the urban core are lacking basic services and necessities for those who live there. Download the Full Article Here.
  • Economic Disparity Between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. By Bernadette M Colbert, Research Fellow with RCE. The country of Haiti has endured much in the last several years. Despite sharing the island of Hispaniola, it remains one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. Download the Full Article Here.
  • Trust: the Key to Cross-Cultural Evangelism. By Kenneth Lenz, Research Fellow with RCE. As with personal relationships, establishing trust is the cornerstone of business relationships.  Global trade demands establishing trustworthy relationships. Download the Full Article Here.