Become A BDC Licensee

We truly believe that when you start a BDC, you’re capable of changing a nation.

In 2006, God gave us a vision for a network of Business Development Centers (BDCs) in a hundred nations that would transform those nations economically and spiritually. BDC’s provide both the training and the support entrepreneurs need to start and grow successful businesses.

As a university research center and think tank we knew our team, time and resources were limited, so we began looking for ways to make this vision a reality. We knew we couldn’t run all these centers ourselves, and that we would need to create a model others would replicate. In 2010 we launched a prototype BDC in Rwanda. It flourished, producing more than 150 businesses that are blessing the owners’ families and their communities. Not despising the days of small beginnings, we continued to refine BDC Rwanda to get the model right. Then we tested the waters of expansion by licensing BDC’s in four more nations. These efforts showed us that the BDC model could be replicated successfully.


New Phase of Opportunity – With the foundation laid, we feel that it is God’s timing to expand rapidly. We are actively seeking new licensees worldwide, including the United States. Candidates for a BDC license will share RCE’s passion for helping people help themselves through entrepreneurship based on godly values.  Although we share that core mission, the family of BDC’s is already quite diverse, shaped by the experience, talents, and specific vision of each licensee. So far, licensees have included:

  • Trainers and consultants who see the BDC as a hub for the many facets of their business
  • A business training center wanting to add a field-tested program backed by a University brand
  • A businessman with a heart for transforming his nation through business and willing to invest his time and resources in a BDC
  • Nonprofit organizations—e.g., church, parachurch ministry, or missions agency–that see the BDC as a vehicle for building relationships, blessing people economically, and spreading the gospel.

Do you see yourself in one of these examples? Perhaps you share our core values and passion, but you bring a new vision for how a BDC could bless a community.  Wonderful! We want to talk with you.

Find out if your possess the traits of an ideal BDC licensee in this infographic.

Take the next step today, by taking a moment to fill out our Preliminary Application and providing as much detail as possible. Additionally, please do contact or email us directly at to express your interest in potentially joining the network of BDC’s. We have a number of resources to help you discover what that looks like and assist you throughout the process. We can’t wait to hear your vision and get to know you better.


Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession. -Psalm 2:8, NIV