Here on the Homefront: USA

While RCE is focused on transforming people and nations through business, we have not ignored our own backyard. We are looking forward to a growth of new initiatives and are open to investing time and energy into new opportunities here locally.

We are also fortunate to be amongst a hotbed of bright thinkers, world-class professors and educators, experienced business men and renowned ministers.

Please contact us with any requests, questions, or ideas for future collaborations & partnerships.

We are not hiring for our team at this time, but ambassadorships, distance consultants, partnerships, and visiting executives are all great ways to play a productive, servant leadership role with RCE.

Here is just a sampling of how we are influencing the United States:

  • Providing leading research on Kingdom Impact Investing, City Transformation, and Business as Mission.
  • Building community and revival in college and graduate students through the Kingdom Research Fellows and the Journal of Kingdom Business
  • Offering a number of classes in Biblical Entrepreneurship, Transformational Leadership, International Holistic Development and a brand new Specialization in Franchising for the Regent MBA
  • Inviting people to combine their business experience with their mission heart by becoming an Ambassador, Distance Consultant, Visiting Executive, or Prayer Partner
  • Planning for BDC licensee site launch(es) here in the United States to bring that transformation work home
  • Career Opportunities with RCE
  • Local partnerships and collaborations with on and off-campus groups


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