Season’s Greetings: 2016 in Review & 2017 Looking Ahead

Date & Timestamp : 12/21/2016

Believe it or not, another 11+ months have gone by and we’re finding ourselves in the season of advent, present wrapping, stringing lights, eating traditional foods, celebrating with family and friends and remembering why we do it all in the first place.

The holiday season can arouse different feelings, emotions, and hold a different significance for everyone. Whether 2016 has been a year of celebration or trials for you, we all have something to celebrate.

Doing a bit of reflection always seems to put things into perspective and remind us of how much we have accomplished – often more than we give ourselves credit for.

As believers, we also know to push on, knowing that God is doing a new thing at any given moment [Isaiah 43:19]. We can have hope for the future, in the midst of our challenges, and rest assured knowing His purposes will be fulfilled [Isaiah 55:11].

That’s why it’s so important that we also set goals. Reflection keeps us present and visioning propels us into a future of action.

Below we’ve included our own year in review and a list of the things we are looking forward to.

2016, A Year in Review

Some major highlights from this year include:

-Launched our brand new, custom-built website, as well as accompanying, individual BDC websites.

-We hosted an Ambassador Gathering that was almost cancelled due to Hurricane Matthew but prevailed, and generated a number of great innovations and ideas.

-We hosted our first-ever regional, group training for new BDC facilitators in Lagos.

-Launched the Monthly e-Meet-up: RCE & BDC Network, a video conference call in which BDC directors share news and best practices and RCE staff share news and guidance.

-Launched the BDC Monthly Digest to circulate written information throughout the BDC network.

-Are in various stages of discussion with potential and existing licensees to open new BDCs in Africa, Europe, and India.

-Held an information meeting with leaders in Hampton Roads, Virginia to discuss plans for our first domestic BDC.

BDC Port Harcourt graduated its first official cohort and has plans to expand into a new 3-story office/classroom space. Additionally, they were part of our first regional facilitator training and have hopes to expand into a second licensed location in Lagos this spring.

BDC Uganda also expanded into the space next door, providing them with the ability to offer additional incubator services, as an added revenue model. Classes take place in their new space as well as a remodeled office, where they now have a board room for meetings. Of their 5 available incubation spaces, 2 of which have been rented so far. Please join us and BDC Uganda in prayer that they’re able to fill up their incubation space by June 2017 and have at least 20 students per cohort (60 students total).

BDC Bangalore is currently working on a second BDC location in Bangalore. They are praying it all goes through and also hoping for higher enrollment numbers in 2017. This year they also switched from a night classes to weekend model, which has greatly helped to better accommodate cultural dynamics and their student’s schedules.

BDC Rwanda successfully hosted its annual Investment Expo and was fortunate to have multiple groups of Visiting Executives – both independent consultants and those working with Lifeforming International. They are believing for a new, low-cost classroom space in the New Year as well as increased recruitment.

BDC Stellenbosch is continuing its partnership with Mentors and Business Coaches International as well as various entrepreneurial initiatives within the University of Stellenbosch (South Africa). We are with high hopes for new cohorts and businesses being generated as a result of the BDC program.


2017, Looking Ahead

Some goals and initiatives we’re looking forward to:

-Over the course of the year, we plan to incorporate some of the things we learned and discussed at our Ambassador Gathering, i.e:

  • Partnerships with other kingdom business-minded organizations to come alongside our BDCs providing them with the resources and funding they need to get up and running and make an immediate impact.
  • Empowering the BDCs to be intentional about creating additional revenue streams; (such as incubator services, seminars, investment expos, etc.).

-We’re also looking to improve our training methods, allowing for more turn-key methods that provide our quality and standards of training at a distance

  • This will also entail the completion of a train-the-trainer model, allowing approved, and existing trainers to certify additional facilitators, as needed.
  • RCE is exploring methods for providing online content—e.g., entrepreneurship, management, and coaching materials.

-Creating a Kingdom Research Fellows program allowing students and interested parties to visit our BDCs and provide feedback, information, and additional research on kingdom impact investing and business as mission as a whole

-Open at least 3-5 additional BDC locations (TBA), globally, including putting down roots for one in our own backyard of Hampton Roads, Virginia

We can’t think of a better way to continue growing God’s kingdom and removing the barriers between faith and business. We’re honored to have you all on the often foggy and winding journey will us.

We encourage you to stay with us in the season ahead and would be honored to have your continued involvement, particularly by volunteering your time and through financial means.

If you’re in a position to give and God has burdened your heart for the nations, we encourage you to donate a gift in an increment of your choice (one-time, or reoccurring payments) to RCE, in direct partnership for expanding the BDC Network.

You can also sign on as an official RCE Ambassador, becoming a part of a special group of stakeholders who help carry our vision and resource our efforts.

Additionally, if you feel that you could be one of our next licensees, we’d love to speak with you. Contact us, expressing your interest at and a member of our team will get in touch and provide you with additional information.

Perhaps you’re not in a position to license yourself, but you know of someone else who might be; or maybe you have access to a network of kingdom business people who may take interest in our model. We ask that you’d consider sharing this letter with them.

Wishing you very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

With gratitude,

The RCE Team



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