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Providing Quality Water and Electricity in Rwanda

RCE is very excited about what our entrepreneurs are doing! We have great news to share on one of our graduates, Ntare Karitanyi. Ntare is a graduate of BDC Rwanda Cohort 1. He holds a master’s degree in Industrial Technology from the University of Buffalo/USA, (1997). On February 22, 2013 Ntare was appointed as the

A Man & His Soap: The Story of Michael

Posted : admin, 10 July 2013 By John Mulford, Director of RCE Michael worked as editor for a magazine; now he makes soap. One day he saw an advertisement on a bulletin board for a soap extruding machine. Seven months later, after he had saved some money, he pulled the phone number out of his wallet and called

BDC Grad Wins $75,000 for Social Entrepreneurship Business

Posted : admin, 28 November 2012 During the week, Jacques is the director of IT for a government agency, but on the weekend, he’s a football genius. Jacques, along with his best friend and partner, Hamim, run Dream Team Football Academy. They train over 120 children ages 4-18, from both Rwanda and the international community. Jacques

Bob & Joyce’s Tastyz Peanut Butter

Posted : admin, 10 July 2013 By John Mulford, Director of RCE Michael, a soap manufacturer and entrepreneur, encouraged Bob to join the BDC class because Bob was just starting a peanut butter manufacturing company. Michael, Moses, and I made a trip to see their company- first, to Agape Baptist Church where they have a small (very,

Germaine & Mathelde: BDC Graduates Advancing Entrepreneurship in Rwanda and Beyond

Posted : Jason Benedict, 08 November 2012 A couple of years ago, RCE started the Rwanda Business Development Center (BDC) in Kigali, Rwanda as a way to help Rwandan entrepreneurs start and grow businesses.  One of the serendipitous outcomes of the BDC is the number of our graduates who are paying it forward by advancing entrepreneurship

The Ripple Effect in Rwanda

Posted : admin, 16 January 2014 They were shouting, dancing, and clapping as they waved their certificates in the air.  This was the scene a couple of days ago as 21 public school teachers graduated from an intensive 10-day entrepreneurship training in Kigali, Rwanda.  I wish I could have beamed you there to see the hope

Number Cruncher to Community Changer

Herve’s Story of Hope Posted : admin, 23 September 2015 As a recent university graduate, Herve landed a good job as accountant with a major Rwandan insurance company. He thought that since he was shy, he was no good at business. He said, “I will be an accountant. That’s the only job I can do; but