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Success Story Series: Darrell Frick & BDC Rwanda [Part 2]

Where Were We? –  Last month, we left off talking about the experiences of Darrell Frick, RCE ambassador, distance consultant, and visiting executive to BDC Rwanda. If you missed Part 1, you can catch up and check it out here. As anyone can imagine, there are often challenges associated with trying to communicate cross-continentally and cross-culturally.

Success Story Series: Darrell Frick & BDC Rwanda [Part 1]

Chick-fil-A Operator and Visiting Executive, Darrell Frick, Shares His Experiences of BDC Rwanda By Kaitlyn Hiltz – March 16, 2016 How It All Began – This week we got to catch up with a long-standing RCE friend, ambassador, distance consultant, and visiting executive, Darrell Frick about his experiences being involved with RCE. It all began in 2012,

BDC Trains Airport Staff to Better Care for Customers

Originally posted: 10 October 2012 Jason Benedict, the Rwanda Business Development Center (BDC) cofounder, said: “As a social venture, one of our goals as a BDC is to provide transformational training in best practice that will have a positive impact on the Rwandan marketplace and society in general.” In October 2012 the BDC had yet another

Muzungu’s Party

Originally posted, 31 May 2012 By Desire BIZIMANA In Rwanda, white people are called “muzungus”. It’s very common to hear this chanted from children as you walk down the road. Members of the RCE team lead a group of students on an enriching learning experience in Rwanda. One of the students in the course met a

Regent Students Leave Mark on Rwandan Business Community

Story By Amanda Morad, originally posted 03 July 2012 Regent University has been developing relationships with several African nations over the last decade, but in the past two years, some of the most impressive strides have been made in the genocide-torn nation of Rwanda. This May, a cohort of 14 Regent students converged on Kigali,

Business Development Center Holds Two-Day Training Seminar for Ugandan Managers

Originally Posted by RCE Admin: 14 August 2014 Recently, the Business Development Center in Rwanda organized a two-day training seminar for local Ugandan managers. The training seminar was instructed by several  Chick-fil-A branch owners. The instructors shared stories about their experience in addition to advice. Instructor Mark Schneider, owner and operator of a Chick-fil-A branch in Oklahoma

Meet Local Bakery Owner, Serge Kamari

orginally posted 01 April 2015 Rwanda Building Success on Business from the Heart – CBN & Regent’s School of Business and Leadership discuss the post-genocide growth of the Rwandan economy with local entrepreneur and bakery owner, Serge Kamari. In addition to operating their growing bakery business, Serge (Cohort 3) and his wife run a ministry

A Volunteer Consultant Goes to Rwanda: Richard and Patrice

Early in 2012, the Regent Center for Entrepreneurship  matched Patrice, a graduate of the BDC, with Richard Miller, a volunteer consultant from the US. Richard coached and mentored Patrice and they developed a close bond. Patrice invited Richard to serve on the board of directors for his organization and then invited him to visit Rwanda

Intensive Teacher Training with BDC Grad (Patrice & Richard, Conti.)

Originally Posted:  January 2014 We love to participate with the great things our BDC graduates are doing. On December 14, 2013, 21 Entrepreneurship teachers from all over Rwanda completed a 10-day intensive entrepreneurship course taught by RCE strategist Jason Benedict, Distance Consultant Richard Miller, and BDC graduate and entrepreneur Patrice Habinshuti.   The training was aimed

The Man with Unlimited Ideas

By Brittany Hoffman, 25 May 2012 I started a new project yesterday. I am trying to interview and photograph all of our graduates from the Business Development Center, at least the ones who have started businesses (which are a lot of them!). My first meeting was yesterday and it was wonderful. Meet Patrice HABINSHUTI. He’s the