Providing Quality Water and Electricity in Rwanda

Date & Timestamp : AUG 2013

RCE is very excited about what our entrepreneurs are doing! We have great news to share on one of our graduates, Ntare Karitanyi. Ntare is a graduate of BDC Rwanda Cohort 1. He holds a master’s degree in Industrial Technology from the University of Buffalo/USA, (1997).

On February 22, 2013 Ntare was appointed as the new Director General of the Energy, Water and Sanitation Authority-EWSA. EWSA, ‘’Rwanda Electricity Corporation’’ and ‘’Rwanda Water Sanitation Corporation’’ are public utilities for the production, transmission and distribution of electricity and water.

Before his appointment by the cabinet, Ntare lead an IT Solutions Company; DIGITECH Ltd which specializes in information technologies applied to various industries.

In his new position, Ntare has taken on the company’s mission, “to provide sufficient and quality water and electricity to customers at affordable and sustainable rates that support the socio-economic development of the country.” He has been tasked to work hard to connect water and electricity to all households in Rwanda. We congratulate Ntare on his new position and continue to pray as God leads him to greater heights.

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