Kingdom Business Leaders Discuss How to Change the World… and Do it Profitably

August 16, 2012 – Virginia Beach, VA – The question answered at the 2012 Kingdom Business Development Symposium (KBDS) in late July was, “How do we spread kingdom business, and make it profitable?”  The ensemble of participants at the symposium was exactly who you would expect.  Top executives from successful organizations that develop kingdom businesses around the world like Crown Financial, Fellowship of Companies for Christ International, Partners Worldwide, and Integra, to name a few, were in attendance. The event was three days long of sharing training practices, materials, forming relationships, and developing partnerships. At the end of the symposium everyone who attended felt they accomplished what they had set out to do, share the best practices on how to spread Kingdom Business, and still make a profit.

The symposium was hosted by the Regent University Center for Entrepreneurship (RCE), and sponsored by The Living Stones Foundation. Alex Brubaker, Director of Living Stones Foundation said, “This gathering brought together a number of organizations that share a passion to increase the kingdom impact of entrepreneurs and business people. By all accounts, the practices, resources, connections, and potential partnerships that emerged from the event will yield lasting results.”
Regent University’s Center for Entrepreneurship seeks to improve the economic and spiritual condition of disadvantaged populations through entrepreneurship grounded in a Christian worldview. Its vision is communities, regions and nations revitalized spiritually, socially, politically and economically. You can learn more by visiting or send an email to
Living Stones Foundation Charitable Trust (LSFCT) exists to serve the Lord Jesus Christ by providing financial and strategic resources to projects that lead to self-sustaining Kingdom-building ministries, where support will leverage the success of the whole body of Christ. Areas of special interest are Kingdom Business (Business as Mission), Family Values, and regional, national, and global Transformation initiatives. You can learn more by visiting or send an email to

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