From Mission Impossible to Possible

But Jesus looked at them and said to them, “with men this is impossible but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26.

Have you ever had an assignment or project that you felt in your heart there is no way I can do this? Is your business facing a challenge that seems impossible for you to overcome? The fact is most kingdom assignments are impossible for us to carry out in our own strength. They require supernatural intervention if we are going to be successful.

In Matthew 19:16-22, we learn of a rich young ruler who had obeyed the Ten Commandments from his youth but now desired to ensure that he can make claims to eternity. Jesus’ response to him requires an act of compassion towards the poor and a commitment to follow Him forsaking all that is important to him. However, the rich young ruler did not value eternity enough to make the necessary sacrifice. For the rich young ruler this request of Jesus was an impossible mission.

In contrast, we find another rich young ruler in the Old Testament in the book of Genesis Chapter 12 called Abraham; God calls him to leave his father’s house and his country and go to a land that He will show him. Forsake all that you know and follow me to a place that you do not know. This young ruler obeyed and God made him very wealthy and he became the father of many nations.

What impossible task has God ask you to carry out? Like the rich young ruler you may have faithfully obeyed God’s word for years but yet God is requiring more from you. He is requiring you to do something that will require you to exercise another dimension of your faith. Kingdom assignments are never solely based on our own ability but based on God’s ability. How do you turn an impossible mission into a possible mission?

The difference between the rich young ruler and Abraham was the following:

1. Abraham believed he had heard from God while the rich young ruler was uncertain of the deity of Jesus Christ;

  • Make sure that your instructions are from God

2. Abraham believed God while the rich young ruler did not believe Jesus since he did not trust in His deity;

  • Make sure you believe God, because the scripture says all things are possible to those who believe. Mark 9:23

3. Abraham trusted God while the rich young ruler put his faith in his riches;

  • Make sure you put your trust not in what you have acquired or accomplished but in God and God alone

Operating a kingdom business is an impossible mission; it is impossible for man on his own to make decisions that risks his natural stability trusting heavenly stability. It is impossible for man to love his customer more than money. It is impossible for man to love his employees more than their productivity in the business. It is impossible for man to love and pray for his competitors. It is impossible for man to be more concerned about community transformation then business growth. It is impossible for man to conduct his business in an environment where bribery and corruption is the norm for business profitability. It is impossible for certain businesses to be profitable or even maintain positive cash flow in the current economic environment.

All these things are impossible with man, but with God all things are possible. Not just some things but all things that are according to His will. Whatever your situation, make sure your instructions are from God. Believe God and put your complete trust in Him, and not only will He turn your impossible mission into a possible mission, but he will reward your faithfulness in the process.

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Scripture quotations are taken from the King James Version of the Bible.

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