Go Africa Safaris & Travel

Our team at GoAfrica Safaris & Travel works together with the aim of making holidays to Kenya and East Africa possible for everyone. We have made tremendous progress over the last 7 years concerning disability awareness and many stakeholders in the industry have joined us in making Kenya and East Africa accessible for travelers with a disability.

NexusB4T Business for Transformation

B4T (Business for Transformation) is specifically defined as a business located amongst unreached people groups with the express goals of being profitable and emphasizing evangelism, church planting, and discipleship. This is a double bottom line approach that integrates all aspects of business. B4T is differentiated from BAM (Business as Mission), a more well known term, in that BAM encompasses a wider group of activities and locations beyond business and evangelism and is not specifically focused on unreached peoples.

To those familiar with the term Tentmaking, Tentmakers may fall under either the BAM or the B4T category depending on the location, focus and goals of their evangelism. Tentmaking is defined as a believer who intentionally takes a job with a company in another culture, whose source of income is solely from that job, and strives to witness cross-culturally. Nexus focuses specifically on B4T. This means we work with both individuals, churches and agencies who desire to work cross-culturally in business for the purposes of seeing kingdom communities established among unreached peoples.
Olive Technologies
Olive Technologies

Olive Technology is an Information Technology services organization providing full-service solutions in software development and process management in a diverse industry environment.Olive was formed with the expressed purpose to better serve clients with effective alternatives to traditional IT services that will leverage global resources, talent, and technology.Olive’s goal is to be a key partner to customers by providing reliability and quality in an offshore environment.

5350 N. Academy Blvd, Suite 202
Colorado Springs
Restoring Order
Restoring Order

Established in 1999, Vicki Norris’ Restoring Order is a professional organizing company. Vicki started her company over a decade ago, working hands-on with clients in homes and offices. By 2003, the demand for services encouraged Vicki to hire and train a team of professional organizers.

PO Box 1204
Young Land Group, Inc
Young Land Group, Inc

Real estate development services

(904) 993-2387
8123 Wekiva Way