Business Development Center Holds Two-Day Training Seminar for Ugandan Managers

Date & Timestamp : DEC 14

Originally Posted by RCE Admin: 14 August 2014

Recently, the Business Development Center in Rwanda organized a two-day training seminar for local Ugandan managers. The training seminar was instructed by several  Chick-fil-A branch owners. The instructors shared stories about their experience in addition to advice.

Instructor Mark Schneider, owner and operator of a Chick-fil-A branch in Oklahoma gave constructive leadership adding, “Great leaders create and communicate a compelling vision of the future that engages others. They exhibit the ability to personally follow through and to do what’s needed to make that vision a reality.”

BDC Director, Moses Engwau explained that his main desire for the program was to further develop the innate leadership abilities of some of the managers in Uganda. Great leaders know how to be lead, how to encourage others to lead, and to keep pressing forward through adversity.

We are encouraged and inspired by witnessing how BDC Uganda is doing exactly that.

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