Intensive Teacher Training with BDC Grad (Patrice & Richard, Conti.)

Date & Timestamp : MAY 17

Originally Posted:  January 2014

We love to participate with the great things our BDC graduates are doing. On December 14, 2013, 21 Entrepreneurship teachers from all over Rwanda completed a 10-day intensive entrepreneurship course taught by RCE strategist Jason Benedict, Distance Consultant Richard Miller, and BDC graduate and entrepreneur Patrice Habinshuti.


The training was aimed equipping the teachers with:

  • The knowledge and skills to plan and start their own businesses
  • The advanced knowledge to effectively teach the entrepreneurship course
  • The capacity and resources to mentor the students in their school –based entrepreneurship clubs
  • A platform to share the entrepreneurship experience and best practices between different schools
  • Connections to the business world
  • Fuel to unlock teacher’s entrepreneurial potential

The training was very practical. Every teacher who attended the training fully developed a business during the training. All trainees had to take part in a variety of class activities. Every class included a participatory lesson, a group or individual practical activity, and a presentation which was organized at the end of every session.

At the end of the training, all the trainees presented their business plans to a panel of judges and the best 3 presentations were awarded with a Certificate of Merit. Additionally, during the awards ceremony these plans were recommended to Umwalimu Sacco Teachers’ Bank for further evaluation and funding.

The teachers that were trained are able to take what they learned back to the students they teach to enrich their schools’ entrepreneurship programs. Read more about the training program from Patrice, a BDC graduate, here.


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