Business in Burundi

Date & Timestamp : MAY 17

originally published, 2000
Burundi is one of four initial places that RCE considered placing a Business Development Center (BDC). In early 2009 RCE conducted extensive research on the feasibility of piloting the BDC concept in Burundi. This included advance work such as negotiations with government leaders, logistics discussions with the Local ICCC chapter and Interviews with over 25 potential learners. Ultimately it was decided that neighboring Rwanda was a better place to pilot the project; nevertheless, plans remain to launch a BDC in Burundi in the future.

In early 2009 RCE Strategist Jason Benedict recorded a 4-part series entitled God’s Purpose for Business at the studios of Heritage TV in Bujumbura, Burundi. Heritage TV is a local Christian television station with an audience of one million people.



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