Truth and transformation: a manifesto for ailing nations

By Vishal Mangalwadi Book Review by Jason Benedict Vishal Mangalwadi is one of the better voices of our time on the topic of biblical transformation and this book delivers on its title.  In this work, Mr. Mangalwadi explores the ideologies that made the Western world great and the biblical foundations of these ideologies.  In doing

Work As Workship

By Mark Russell Book Review by LaTasha Anderson Despite much progress, there still remains a distinct separation between faith and work for many people. Prayer and worship are reserved for Sunday morning church service. The workplace is not viewed as a place where evangelism and discipleship can occur. However, can faith and work intersect? Does

Dead Aid

Why Aid is Not Working and How There is Another Way for Africa By Dambisa Moyo Book Review by Jason Benedict Dambisa Moyo is Zambian born economist.  She earned a graduate degree from Harvard and a post-graduate degree from Oxford and worked with both the World Bank and Goldman Sachs.  In Dead Aid she passionately makes

Every Good Endeavor

Written by: Timothy Keller Book Review by: Schalk Klopper Timothy Keller’s Every Good Endeavor is a book for working Christians. We’ve given our entire substance over to Christ and His purposes.  We want everything we do to be done in accordance with His will and for His glory.  We live, move, and have our being in Him. Yet, for