Work As Workship

By Mark Russell

Book Review by LaTasha Anderson

Despite much progress, there still remains a distinct separation between faith and work for many people. Prayer and worship are reserved for Sunday morning church service. The workplace is not viewed as a place where evangelism and discipleship can occur. However, can faith and work intersect? Does faith have a place in the workplace? Work as Worship, written by Mark Russell, attempts to answer those questions, and also provides perspectives from many influential people in the business community.

This book is centered on eight important themes: Calling, Leadership, Character, Success, Money, Stewardship, Balance, and Relationships. Each theme constitutes a chapter wherein the author of the book introduces the topic and then he shares   “conversations” with different industry leaders.  Reading words of wisdom directly from those who have found success while following Christian principles is quite encouraging for those seeking to do the same. Readers receive advice from great leaders like Ken Eldred, David Morken, and Ed Meese. These and other leaders share personal stories of failures and triumphs as they seek to balance their faith with their work.

Dennis Bakke, CEO of Imagine Schools, on the purpose of secular work:

“Most of us are called to secular workplaces, not primarily as evangelists or disciples, but like these folks in the Bible, our job is to serve the ordinary needs of society as well as our own. Our work is to serve others and along the way our own needs will be met. That’s what the great commandment says…”

Throughout the book this sentiment is echoed from others as well. It is clear that ministry is in the marketplace. Your ministry is wherever God calls you at any point in time. Pastoring a church is no more honorable than investment banking. As Bakke states; “Work in the secular world is just as important to God as being a Pastor.” Work is an opportunity to glorify God, and also draw people to Christ. The workplace allows people to get a glimpse of God by observing the way you work. Howard Dahl talks about how employees of his company were strengthened in their faith by witnessing him make difficult decisions with integrity.

This book is certainly written for such a time as this. In addition to input from various leaders, it also provides URL’s for sermon audio and QR codes for additional information and videos throughout. This is a great way to learn more about a particular topic in an innovative and engaging way.

Work as Worship is a great quick read. The expertise from successful businessmen who have shunned the world’s way of approaching business and have lead their businesses based on their Christian faith and found success is invaluable. Many wonder if faith and business can and should be intertwined and this book answers those questions with a resounding, “Yes!”