Community Transformation

Disciple Nations Alliance

Our Vision: To see the global Church rise to her full potential as God’s instrument for the healing, blessing and transformation of the nations.
Our mission: To influence the paradigm and practice of local churches around the world, helping them:Recognize and abandon false beliefs, and embrace a robust biblical worldview–bringing truth, justice and beauty into every sphere of society, and
Demonstrate Christ’s love in practical ways, addressing the brokenness in their communities and nations beginning with their own resources.
Jubilee Action
Jubilee Action

We understand the importance of not only rescuing children but in providing them with everything they need to sustain themselves in the future. Education is a key area of our work – ensuring each child can create their own opportunities and take control of their own futures.Our ultimate goal is to develop our project partners to become self-sufficient themselves and not reliant on international funds, allowing us to channel our efforts to other areas of greater need.We believe that with enough support behind us, we can make a real difference in breaking the destructive cycles of poverty and abuse that so many children are cruelly subjected to around the world.

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