Biblical Entrepreneurship in Kiev

Tom Stansbury was in Kiev, Ukraine, to teach NPIM‘s Biblical Entrepreneurship curriculum there.

originally published on:  March 17, 2008

Greetings from Kiev,

Many of you are aware of the fact I traveled to Ukraine last October as part of Regent University’s Center for Entrepreneurship to participate in a Business Symposium held in Ternopil, Ukraine. We experienced a huge success with several hundred people attending the Grand Opening Ceremonies for the Ukrainian ‘Christian Center for Entrepreneurial Success.’ Dr. John Mulford and I helped launch this organization with my good friend Ivan Papish who I had met 12 years ago on my YWAM trip to Ukraine in 1996.

For the past several months I have been preparing to teach a follow-up course to many of the people who attended the Symposium – it is called Biblical Entrepreneurship. I arrived in Kiev early this past Saturday morning and will be taking the train to Ternopil tomorrow evening. I would greatly appreciate your prayers while I am here through March 29th. The course will be taught at the YWAM base that was founded while we were here 12 years ago and now the the Team has their own building in Ternopil.

Ivan has been faithfully discipling over 150 business people in the Ternopil community and we are helping him create a small business development center that will be a model Dr. Mulford hopes to replicate in other developing countries around the world. Biblical Entrepreneurship is a course that was developed out of Cameroon Africa to assist emerging micro-entrepreneurs in developing a Biblical Worldview of what Entrepreneurship is about – and helping individuals overcome their obstacles to create businesses that provide for their families and create jobs in developing nations.

This was the vision I had 12 years ago when I came to Ukraine and saw the lack of hope for a future in the eyes of the people we were reaching here.I would greatly appreciate your prayers over the next few days as I believe this is a strategic work that can influence a whole new generation of emerging leaders who can impact the marketplace here in this country – and in the years to come, we hope will provide a ‘tipping point’ in the transformation of this nation.

Ukraine experienced over 70 years of oppressive policies while part of the communist Soviet empire and since their independence in 1991 – the nation has struggled to get on its feet. We all know the direction Putin has taken Russia – moving back towards a dominant state-controlled system – and many see Ukraine as a pivotal nation in the global balance of power. I know God has a heart for the people of this nation, and your prayers are greatly appreciated.



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