Who We Are

The Regent Center for Entrepreneurship has been transforming people and nations through business since 2006.

What We Do?

RCE trains entrepreneurs internationally and domestically to operate with Kingdom Business principles through a variety of strategies.

  • Launch and License Business Development Centers
  • Organize and Participate in Conferences and Symposia
  • Provide Support, Training, & Direction to Kingdom Business Organizations
  • Produce and Disseminate Resources
  • Deliver Regent University Courses

Partner with Us!

RCE Ambassadors support this work financially, as well as through active participation in RCE projects.

Mentor, coach, and consult with entrepreneurs in person or at a distance using Skype.

Invest in transformation with a financial gift to RCE today.


RCE is committed to adding its unique piece to the mosaic of the kingdom business movement, by being a stimulant for economic growth.

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The resources available from RCE are intended for anyone looking to integrate their faith into their workplace, especially into the entrepreneurial world.

John E. Mulford

RCE Director

Kaitlyn Hiltz

Manager of Communications, Special Projects, & Admin.

Jason Benedict

RCE Strategist, MBA; MA, Missiology