Building the Kingdom Through Business

Businesses shape the world. But how can we shape businesses to shape the world for good and for God? That is the underpinning question addressed in a new book about Business as Mission, BAM: Building the Kingdom Through Business.

BAM is intentional about making a positive difference with regards to four bottom lines: economical, social, environmental and spiritual. Or put differently: BAM = 4 x P.

How can businesses serve people, align with God’s purposes, be good stewards of the planet and make a profit?

Building the Kingdom Through Business by Bridget Adams and Manoj Raithathamanoj is an important pamphlet, in the best Clapham group tradition. It is profoundly Biblical, historically reflective, and immensely practical. Wilberforce and the Clapham group were deeply motivated by profound Biblical truths; they understood their times and fought for a systemic change.

Bridget Adams and Manoj Raithathamanoj make important observations on the unbiblical and secular – sacred divide. This notion permeates our thinking and it stifles our ability to “shape the world for good and for God”.

The book clearly demonstrates a God perspective on work and business, and points out the need for wealth creation – for the common good and God’s glory.

Adams and Raithathamanoj align with the growing global Business as Mission movement, but suggest the term Kingdom Building Business. They illustrate the transformational nature of the concept by telling the story of the Quakers, whose guiding light was “spiritual and solvent”.

God is the original entrepreneur, and throughout His-story we’ve seen men and women who have made a positive difference through business. Building the Kingdom through Business may provoke some, but it will certainly inspire, educate and equip a new generation of Kingdom building business people. But we are not just aiming for a few inspired people and a few more Kingdom building businesses. No, we dream of and work for a paradigm shift – in the church and in the market place. This pamphlet is an important part to that end.

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