Intensive Teacher Training with BDC Grad

Intensive Teacher Training with BDC Grad

previously published; dates may no longer be relevant We love to participate with the great things our BDC graduates are doing. On December 14, 2013, 21 Entrepreneurship teachers from all over Rwanda completed a 10-day intensive entrepreneurship course taught by RCE strategist Jason Benedict, Distance Consultant Richard Miller, and BDC graduate and entrepreneur Patrice Habinshuti.

The BDC Pioneers: Advancing Entrepreneurship in Rwanda & Beyond

By Jason Benedict When RCE first started the Rwanda Business Development Center (BDC) in Kigali, Rwanda, it was as a way to help Rwandan entrepreneurs start and grow businesses.  One of the serendipitous outcomes of the BDC is the number of our graduates who are paying it forward by advancing entrepreneurship even further in some way.

A Visiting Executive Goes to Rwanda

Earlier this year, the Regent Center for Entrepreneurship  matched Patrice, a graduate of the BDC, with Richard Miller, a visiting executive from the US. Richard coached and mentored Patrice and they developed a close bond. Patrice invited Richard to serve on the board of directors for his organization and then invited him to visit Rwanda in

Kingdom Business Leaders Discuss How to Change the World… and Do it Profitably

August 16, 2012 – Virginia Beach, VA – The question answered at the 2012 Kingdom Business Development Symposium (KBDS) in late July was, “How do we spread kingdom business, and make it profitable?”  The ensemble of participants at the symposium was exactly who you would expect.  Top executives from successful organizations that develop kingdom businesses

Partnership Update: Akilah Institute for Women

By Brittany Hoffman The Regent Center for Entrepreneurship is always looking for new areas of synergy and partnership. This summer, we found a kindred spirit in the Akilah Institute for Women. Akilah Institute for Women exists to “empower young women in East Africa to transform their lives by equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and

BDC Bangalore Building Momentum

After operating a successful BDC in Rwanda since August, 2010, Regent Center for Entrpepreneurship (RCE) decided to expand by licensing the model. RCE has been working with Versys Consultants and Servicesin Bangalore, India since Fall 2011 to develop the license agreement and materials, to train four facilitators, and to coach the Bangalore team through the

7 Pieces of Practical Wisdom in the Workplace

By Margaret Mitchell Managing frontline employees is no easy task, especially during these accelerated times in which we live and work. Add to this fast pace a high-tech, production environment and you’ve entered into a whole new level of agility. Having been one of those managers and having been managed by those managers, I confess

Progress, Progress, Progress for BDC Rwanda

February 9, 2012 Tonight we had open house, and I think we set a new record – We had 30 guests! We are running a contest among our entrepreneurs to see who can get the most interested people to attend an open house.  We know that the ability to be persuasive is key to entrepreneurial

New Translator, The Same Old Faithfulness

My prayer going into tonight was, “God I am still all yours. All glory to you for last night. Please, please, please do it again!” He did. Tonight was great. Not only was it a lot of fun, but we started to gel as a group. Their participation was more active and they were sharing

Continued Faithfulness and Provision in Rwanda

By Dr. John Mulford // Originally Published January 19th, 2012 Been so busy the last ten days, I’m just now coming up for air to write a few thoughts. I don’t know why I’m always amazed to see God show up in a miraculous way.  It happens every time I come to Rwanda.  I’m overwhelmed