What is Kingdom Business?

by Patrice Tsague

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness (Matthew 6:33)

We all know what business is; it is a commercial activity that is designed to generate a return for the owner(s) (at least that is how most people define it within a pure capitalist framework). Entrepreneurs start businesses so they can generate a profit and long-term wealth for themselves. There is nothing inherently wrong with this view, though it is a very limited view of business and has potential dangers to fuel our greedy nature. As born-again believers and servants of King Jesus, we do not just operate businesses but our businesses must be kingdom businesses. In other words, our businesses are not owned by us but by the King, so we call them kingdom businesses or the businesses of the King.

Well, what is a Kingdom business?

First let’s look at what it is not:

    1. It is not a tool to generate money to support missions – Yes I know many of us see business as the ideal instrument to support missions but the problem is that all the resources in the kingdom are the King’s and all these resources must be committed to realize His mission, not just to gain business profits. The business itself is a mission.
    2. It is not a tool to make money using the Bible – the scriptures are very clear; godliness is not a means for gain. We do not start businesses owned by the King just to make money because the King already has money. Money is generated through obedience to the King and proper stewardship of the Kings’ resources.
    3. It is not a strategy to isolate ourselves from the world – Unfortunately despite King Jesus’ instructions that we ought to be in the world though not of it; many believers continue to look for ways to isolate themselves from the world. This is unscriptural. Kingdom business should take us further in the world not take us out.
    4. It is not a business operated by a Christian – just because you are a Christian in business it does not make your business a kingdom business. For your business to be a kingdom business, you must submit your life and business to the lordship of King Jesus. What then is a kingdom business? It is a profit making enterprise under the lordship of Jesus Christ, operated by born again believers. It honors the Lord Jesus Christ through its products and services, it is managed based on biblical principles, serves as a light in the marketplace, and its profit is used for the advancement of the kingdom of God in the earth.

Simply put, a Kingdom business is God’s business, managed God’s way, by God’s steward, for God’s purposes in the world. Only born again believers can operate kingdom businesses, and the business operations must be managed by the guidelines of the King which are found in the Bible. Moreover, the products and services must be approved by the King; thus there should be no sin products. The business must be a platform for ministry where we demonstrate our salt and light to a dark and dying world. And of course, it must be profitable since the King is concerned about the proper stewardship of His resources. However, the profit is not for us; the operators of a kingdom business, but for the King; the owner of the business, so we must use the profits as He directs.

Are you operating a kingdom business? Evaluate the business you currently manage and make sure it is operated under the ownership, guidelines, and purposes of King Jesus.

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