Update on BDC Rwanda: New Cohort & Visiting Executives in Full Effect

Date & Timestamp : 08/09/2016

BDC Rwanda is blessed to have a new cohort of 13 dynamic and aspiring entrepreneurs. The new cohort started it’s 14-week program on July 11th. With their badges and materials in hand, they’re officially underway.


Showing much promise and enthusiasm, the class has really hit the ground running and already been exposed to some unique opportunities.

bdcrwanda_new summer cohort_edited


Customer Care and Leadership Seminar for Business Owners

For starters, within their first week, Chick-fil-A Owner/Operators and Visiting Executives from one of this summer’s Lifeshape International teams delivered an evening seminar to the current cohort, graduates, and non-BDC business owners on Thursday July 14. The training was attended by 63 business owners who enjoyed knowing about Chick-fil-A and their special, unique way of attracting and retaining customers, and always keeping them always happy. Chick-fil-A is known for providing service with a smile and elevating what customer service looks like from within the fast food market. The Owner/Operators were also able to share about their servant leadership model and how local businesses can benefit from applying simple customer care and leadership principles.

lifeshape delivers evening seminar_BDCRwanda_edited


Sweet [Potato]! – An Investment Match Made in the Kitchen

Also during their visit, a BDC Rwanda graduate, Regis Umugiraneza, received a $5,000 funding from one of the executives on the team. Regis runs CARL Group, a company that makes different food products from sweet potatoes (think: doughnuts, breads, chips, etc). How encouraging for the new BDC cohort to also see first-hand that anything is possible through their efforts!

Regis Umugiraneza_CARL Group_andLifeshape_edited

Lifeshape Outside of CARL group_edited

Pictured above is the Lifeforming team, Regis, and another employee of CARL Group.

Lifeshape Exec with Regis Umugiraneza_edited

To give you an idea, below are some of the culinary creations coming out of CARL:

carl group_sweet potato chips

Who doesn’t love a good sweet potato crisp?

carl group_sweet potato donuts

What could be better than homegrown sweet potatoes? Home-grown sweet potato donuts!

Lifeshape Exec and showing sweet potato food_edited

Obviously, taste-testing is an important part of the creative process and quality control. Of course, it’s also just plain fun and delicious. The team was incredibly impressed with the products and immediately recognized their market potential.Lifeshape taste testing CARL Group_edited

Congratulations to Regis and the BDC Rwanda team for a job well done. Many things to the partnership and participation of Lifeforming International and Chick-fil-A. Blessings to all and best of luck to the current cohort!

Stop at nothing to achieve the God-dreams of your heart.


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