Muzungu’s Party

Originally posted, 31 May 2012


In Rwanda, white people are called “muzungus”. It’s very common to hear this chanted from children as you walk down the road. Members of the RCE team lead a group of students on an enriching learning experience in Rwanda. One of the students in the course met a young man by the name of Desire. His goal is to become a journalist. He was invited to our goodbye reception and asked to share his observations. His story is below.

It was Friday, May 18, 2012 at 8 PM when Muzungu’s team, coming from the USA, was celebrating in a party after spending two weeks in Rwanda. Everyone were smiling there, taking pictures for each other, sharing food. Everything here at Solace is good. Muzungu and Rwandese is sharing joy and opinions here.

After praying, the party began. Everyone was able to talk to everyone, telling the names to each other, after everyone takes drink and food which was delicious. Then we all  watched a documentary talking about Rwandan culture; like dancing, and visiting where the king stayed, and seeing some animals in the park.

After the documentary, every muzungu explained the project they did.

Eric and Trevor were talking about their project using minerals. Andrea was the wonderful woman in that muzungu’s team. She shows her project working together with Serge, who is in charge of street boys. She met Desire and helped him see how he can be a good journalist by telling him to write a story. That was good for Desire because she pushed him to get his vision. Julia also shows her project about gender based violence and she works with Serge in the program of street kids.Laura showed her project about Bible Studies. Dori shows her project
about working in MTN. She did a training of leadership in MTN. Latrilla, Zandra, Bernadette, Joanna, Trevor, and Eric were able to talk to a community of pastors, economists, etc. in order to get development with the Solace Project.
Qwynne and Karen show their project about the seminar at university.

Brittany showed everyone her work in leadership training. She then thanked every project done by each team.

Eric and Emmanuel was tour guides of the muzungu’s team. They thank so much muzungus for their relationship. Emmanuel said “that they are amazing people and special team.” Eric said “even it is so hard to share with the people from different culture, but we worked with the team very well.”
Dr. Mulford, RCE Director, thanked Bernard for his effort when the team needed him. He was a driver. When they needed him, he was coming fast.

Jean Marie is the man who cooked food for muzungus. They thanked him because he cooked the best food to them and worked fast.

Really, the party was good, even they are some were going to leave and others stay, but everyone said that the meeting of two weeks was very good to them. All projects they have opened is a project of vision which can prosper the world in all situations such as: life, economy, development, health, sports. We are thanking so much muzungu’s team to choose to come in Africa, especially in Rwanda. That was a good meeting. We would like to invite you to come back again, and that God may protect you in your journey and in your life of everyday. God bless you.

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