BDC Rwanda Celebrates the Graduation of its 12th Cohort

previously published; dates may no longer be relevant

On December 15, 2014, the Rwanda Business Development Centre graduated 15 entrepreneurs from the entrepreneurship class. This is the 12th Cohort to successfully complete the program since it first began in 2010.

The class is mainly comprised of young entrepreneurs who hope to successfully run a business. Throughout the semester students shared their story and developed relationships that will last well beyond graduation. The students have a wide variety of experience ranging from agribusiness to healthcare businesses.

Mr. Apollo Munanura, head of SME Development at the Rwanda Development Board, shared words of wisdom and encouraged the entrepreneurs to apply what they learned.

Aline Sine, one of the graduates ventured into producing and selling reusable sanitary towel that are hygienic and affordable. “I had the desire to get involved in the making of reusable sanitary towels, but each time I would share it with people around me I was discouraged. Since I joined the BDC, I regained confidence, I was trained, coached and each time I would face a challenge, I would be supported. I am confident that my project will scale.

We are thankful to God for the opportunity to work alongside these leaders to share kingdom values, and skills for successful business. We would also like to thank people like Tim and Paul, who traveled to Rwanda from Australia in October to enrich the experience of these entrepreneurs. And the numerous others who continue to support the work the Business Development Centre is doing.”

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